Karner Blue for New York State Butterfly

A State Butterfly Election is being held in New York this Fall. You have the power to make a difference in the survival of a species. VOTE for the endangered KARNER BLUE and help save it from extinction! Visit the Karner "Konnection" for more information on the New York State Butterfly Voting Program.

Don't miss "Choosing New York's Butterfly" on the Dear Sandy TV program. Follow this press release for local times and channel listings.

The Karner Blue lost by a small margin to the Red Spotted Purple or White Admiral. Follow this link for the official results and our "thank yous". Although we are very disappointed that our candidate did not win the election, we know that many more people now know about the Karner Blue and it troubles. We'll continue to work to protect the Karner Blue and its habitat. Please continue to visit our websites for updates.

My friends and I love animals so much that we created an organization called DWAD (Down With Animal Destruction) to protect them. Here's the butterfly connection: Every spring we do a big animal study in school. In kindergarten we studied chicks, first grade was snails, second grade was crayfish, and in third grade we'll study butterflies. I was shocked that New York has no state butterfly. If New York was to adopt a state butterfly that was endangered, like the Karner Blue, excitement and proudness about that butterfly could help make its life better and save it. See links below for more on the Karner Blue.

Male Karner Blue Butterfly Female Karner Blue Butterfly

The Karner Blue needs YOU! Join the Karner "Kampaign" today and read it in the Karner Press today.

For more information follow these links to the Fact Sheet and the Frequently Asked Questions.

Please enter the Karner Blue Guestbook and show your support.

I also wrote a poem called "WANTED: KARNER KIDS". The poem is part of the Karner Blue Tshirt Kit. You can also make your own support buttons, ribbons and bumperstickers. Follow this link to enjoy some great Karner Blue Art.

You can see real life Karner Blues in their natural habitat at the Albany Pine Bush Preserve and Wilton Wildlife Preserve. When you visit the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, be sure to allow plenty of time to see the Discovery Center exhibits. To learn more about those who are at the forefront of protecting the Karner Blue and its Pine Bush habitat visit Save the Pine Bush. There is a great new book out about the Karner Blue. It can be bought through ECOS and a review is available here.

This link takes you to our DWAD website.

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