Karner "Konnection"

For the endangered Karner Blue to have New York State Assembly support as State Butterfly, it must win a statewide Kid Vote. Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (90th District) has organized the Vote for a New York State Butterfly Program. Third, fourth, and fifth graders from all over the state can participate in the program. In order for students to voice their butterfly choices, their principals must register by contacting the New York State Assemblyperson who represents the area where the school is located. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make history and help save a species. Check with your teacher to make sure your school is registered. Here is how to register. However, be sure to send these forms to your assemblyperson. These forms are addressed to Assemblywoman Galef.

Being endangered means that there is serious danger of becoming extinct. Here's a really scary fact: Not too long ago there were Karner Blues in Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa and Ontario. Today, the Karner Blue is extinct in those same places. We must do whatever we can to prevent Karner Blue extinction in New York. Kids love to help. They're always wondering what they can do to make a difference. And this Fall New York 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders have the power to make a difference in the survival of a species with their vote. If the Karner Blue is elected state butterfly, imagine how many more people will understand the frightening troubles that face New York's Karner Blue. Understanding and telling others what you have learned is the first step toward making a difference.

It's not that we want a state butterfly just to have a state butterfly, we want the Karner Blue to be named State Butterfly to do what we can to raise awareness and increase support for the projects that will save this beautiful butterfly from extinction. We need state symbols that are truly meaningful.

So make your vote count! The Karner Blue is the only state butterfly candidate that is on the endangered species list. Your vote could make a difference in the survival of a species! Be a part of saving the Karner Blue from extinction by voting Karner Blue for State Butterfly!

VOTE Karner Blue!       VOTE Karner Blue!       VOTE Karner Blue!